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Crust bovine origin Egypt Red BCD, leather, tang, marino, negro, beig

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Calf mixed colors € 4.5 Kilo

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Crust TR2 TR3 beef RUSIA TR4

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Serraje to plant 0.3 € / ft 300.000 P2

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Crust cordero free crome 0.6€

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Crust Mixed White / Black Class C Class D 0.7 € 0.8 € Origin Nigeria.

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mestizo black, origin nigeria. sizes: 4.5/5 5/6 6/7 7/8 250.000 P2

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Why use Proleathernet.

Without category 15/11/2017

2.6 rating
2.6 out of 5 stars (based on 475 reviews)

Manufacturing process of buying handbags and furs.

Petrel 15/11/17

Interview manufacturer of bag.

First we are a company with more than 35 years of experience in the market, complicated in recent years there have been several corporate changes in the company but remains the initial core business is manufacturing our own brand rather than producing for other brands, our target customer is usually true to our working but still we continue to maintain a positive outlook and continue.

  1. How buy skins for sample?

Storekeepers present proposals, color or materials and then we make the purchase only for the sample.

  1. How they buy skins for the production?

Collect orders from various trade and according to what is sold and in anticipation of what we do is collecting sales to proceed skins manufacture.

  1. Are the same quality skins, color and texture for sample processes, manufacturing and replacements?

Not usually the same tones so will depend on whether they are made from the same batch or not, yet always they seem to be similar if not get the same batch.

  1. Do the stores give the best price for skins quantity?

If they go by volume and especially relies heavily on negotiating the purchasing manager.

  1. How do you rate the skins?

We can classify them:

  • according origin, goat, ovine, caprine, bovine, pork and skins of exotic animals.
  • Classified by category, 1, 2 Y 3 class, being category 1 the best quality leather and thereafter will decrease the quality therefore also the price.
  • For wet-blue chromium al curtimiento vegetable curtimiento.
  • And size, which it is the same tanner that makes different sizes.
  1. Do you keep the skins in a digital file? If yes what data you put in that file.

No, If it is true that we should do, but with the current volume we are working we do not, Here is handmade.

  1. Do you sell excess stocks or reused?

Here we reuse although usually sold because they have already escandallado in production and excess material are those benefits 100%.

  1. How buy skins?, under that measure, pies, meters or weight.

By feet or meters, depends on the zone, It depends on the country of origin of fur and the sector to which they are addressed.

  1. What they are the most common skin for the manufacture of bags?, They are the same as for shoes?

Handbag and shoe shops - Beef

Goat or sheep shoes Lady

Shoes lining pig

  1. Which company buys furs, store or retalero, why?

Stores because they are those who have to provide continuous service of the same raw materials, the retaleros only have what they have and buy and sell stocks full.

  1. Would you sell excess stock of skins for less than the purchase price at end of season? Until percentage more or less devaluation?

And, approximately 30% below the purchase price.

  1. What long it takes to serve the skins since the calls?

Normally they have in stock stores.

  1. If signing over excess stocks, Would you accept card payment or reliable intermediary check the quality of the skin?

If the issue is complicated but an intermediary classifies if the skins are good or bad because it goes according to own judgment and use of who buys.

  1. Are the skins are spoiled if stored too long?

If you are in a place not guarded.

  1. What value would present their excess stock today?

Today would be a little more or less 5000 €.

  1. Would you buy as many skins for production if you knew which end of the season you could get rid of that stock even at a lower price?

No, but in the event that the volume returned to be the same as in other years if they could pose as a parallel income and resource obtimizacion.

  1. More or less money, What is lost in excess stock each season?

Before it was now much more in economic terms would be talking about 1000 € about a 5% volume.

  1. Which it is more or less the volume of purchases they have on cost of skins each season?

These seasons are very loose so the volume of purchases would be approximately 25000 €.


conclusion; for those excess stocks post the entire batches in order to have more options and better prices selling that inventory https://www.proleathernet.com/create-listing/.

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